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Collection: Bread

Hand made from scratch the Old-World way.   We still use many of the original recipes Ralph & Ernst brought with them in 1959 when they arrived from Germany.
30 products
  • Artisan Bundle
  • Artisan Grain N’Seed
  • Artisan Wheat
  • Artisan White
  • Bavarian Hearth Rye
  • Black Forest Sourdough Rye
  • Brown Bag Bundle
  • Capital Brewery Amber White
  • Caraway Bread
  • Claddagh Marble Rye
  • Classic French Baguette
  • Country Grain
  • Founding Father's Bundle
  • French Cinnamon Swirl
  • French Country 6-Grain (Alpine 6-Grain)
  • French Country Cracked Wheat